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Delivering efficient economic models

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Single Window Asset Management across portfolios

Hospitality Asset Management by Kingsbridge

India’s changing character is marked by its changing countenance and market dynamics. Not only in the metros and the larger cities but also in the smaller towns, India is witnessing explosive growth and a more discerning customer. The retail and hospitality industries are leading this change with a product mix that requires constant updation, maintenance and enhancement.

In the Hospitality arena, this requires maintaining a specific and delicate balance between assets, local services, and the operator that only a company with its ear to the ground in it’s micro markets can achieve.

Creating efficient economic models

Kingsbridge is a domain specialist with pan India operations, and is able to leverage it’s strong internal and external relationships with key stakeholders and service providers to put together capital, domain knowledge and, infrastructure to deliver a seamless operating solution .

Our experience and stringent processes enable us to deliver significant value at every stage – starting with thorough financial and operational vetting during asset identification and acquisition, monitoring development, construction and fit out cycles, right up to on-boarding and operationalizing an operator.

Post operationalization, the firm continues to provide monitoring and management services thereby acting as a single window asset manager providing turnkey Hospitality solutions.

Focussing on the mid-segment market

At last count, India had approximately 12,000 mid-segment hospitality properties under development. Out of these, only the establishments that deliver to global standards will stand in the long run. Kingsbridge specializes in the mid-market segment, which has very few organized players.

We leverage internal and external relationships to deliver turnkey solutions for large mid market hospitality portfolios, in a market characterized by complexity and constant change complexities. Focus, determination and a highly responsive and flexible approach underlines our business philosophy.